"I really enjoyed the Symposium and it's highly skilled individuals that were able to capture my inner needs as a business owner. While giving me all the ingredients that is needed to become a better business owner. It was very refreshing and inviting to be a part of."


“The Business Symposium that Ascending Athletes put together was much more than I expected. After playing 14 years of professional sports I have so much to offer a company but I was having trouble getting interviews. Ascending Athletes put me in front of those companies. I went from 0 interviews to 6 interviews in one day! I can’t thank you enough."


"Going into the session with Ascending Athletes and the NFL players we weren’t certain what to expect.. but we were certain that it was worth finding out about.
The players we met were down to earth, intelligent people who were curious and a bit uncertain about what the future might bring for them. It was incredible how excited they were to realize that just because their playing career may be coming to an end, it didn’t mean they couldn’t still compete in the world of sports with Adidas, Reebok and Taylor Made. We feel strongly that we will be able to create a win-win situation where some of these guys will be working within our brands in the near future, and for them they could shift their competitiveness from competing on the football field, to competing within the sports industry.
These guys have been through a lot in their careers, and when they put the same level of effort they put into their game, into working for our organization, they will be incredibly successful. The fact that these men know how to work as a team, respect their colleagues and do what it takes to get the job done will allow them to be successful in whatever they choose to do in the future.
It was an eye opening experience and I look forward to working with these athletes to achieve what they desire to achieve in their life outside of sports."

"We have found in sales that competitive individuals do well in sales roles. Having a pool of ex NFL players to network with gives our company the competitive profile we are looking for. We were impressed with how prepared the candidates were, even with some having no prior business experiences. This is a great event and we look forward to being a part of it in the future."

"The Ascending Athletes event was phenomenal! It is an awesome feeling to know there are guys out there who actually have a since of compassion for the players beyond their glory days.  Many players experience depression dealing with life after football in their attempts to figure out how the "real world" works. This event was definitely an injection of confidence & reassurance that all thing are possible!!!"

"We anticipated a certain bravado or sense of entitlement from the athletes however that is not what we found. We found them to be genuine and humble and not only appreciative of the opportunities presented to them through the career symposium, but also eager to begin a new phase of their working lives.  They're all willing to take a step back for their future. It's almost like they're willing to be a rookie again with an entry-level job and are happy to do what they need to for the right career path for their family. They're all very humble, and they're driven and team-oriented which fits well into The Home Depot culture. Almost every candidate we met with could be a fit for roles at The Home Depot!"

"Ascending Athletes helped me to pursue my next career opportunity by placing me in front of the businesses I've always wanted to work with.  I'd tell former and current players alike, failing to attend an Ascending Athletes Career Event equals selling yourself short in your next career.   I flew across the country in the middle of a busy law school semester to attend an Ascending Athletes event, and I established great relationships with several billion-dollar companies.  Ascending Athletes will open doors.  It's up to you to be prepared to take advantage."