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Online Training Program

Our online training program provides you with videos that cover financials, business ownership, employment and franchising.  This content is design to increase your knowledge regarding financial statements, the key to running a successful business, as well as teach you how to perform successful market research in the industry that you are looking to break into.  Our employment segment will help you hone in on your transferable skills to be able to create a resume that stands out from the crowd along with describing the interview process.  Our franchising portion looks to help you decide which franchise opportunity is the best fit based on the research we will help you achieve.



In this segment many helpful resources will be available to you such as people that can help you with your transition weather you are struggling or just looking for some knowledge and experience, successful transition stories, ways to get involved, etc.  We want to provide you with all the tools and resources you may need in order to make your transition as successful as possible.  We strongly encourage you to take full advantage of these tools and resources.


Business Connections

In our Business Connections segment you will be able to connect with other athletes turned business men and women.  Here you may network and do business with others in industries that may benefit yours.  We believe that being successful has a lot to do with who you network and that you are able to ask questions and learn as much as possible from other people’s knowledge and experiences.  This is a great tool for you to further your success in the business world.